Wild Writing in Wessex - Hoopoe

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Wild Writing in Wessex - Hoopoe

Postby Nicola Chester » Mon May 07, 2018 4:08 pm

Then, the low human-like whistle that has persisted on the edge of my curiosity piques it: it is like the louder, deeper whistle of a bullfinch. Or a pump. Or an unoiled wheel – something human going on in the farmyard. The commotion strikes up again and I know I must investigate. I am an inexpert and very local birder – but this means I know a strange bird when I hear one...

... I can’t take my eye off this strange sight. There is the glimpse of something dove-like, butterfly-flighting, part-jay – is it a jay? Something of a zebra’s colouring flashes, a bird pieced together from pictures in books, with the wings of a Jersey tiger moth ... Read here: https://nicolachester.wordpress.com/
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