Seeking Wild Sights

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Seeking Wild Sights

Postby Jenibel » Sun Jul 15, 2018 2:26 pm


I'd like to introduce both myself and my new blog. I'm Jeni, a keen photographer with a passion for wildlife and travel. I am particularly interested in birds and larger land mammals but I am keen to learn about all wildlife, and am trying to teach myself about wildflower identification - it's getting there - slowly.
My blog is Seeking Wild Sights and it focuses on mine and my partners travels around the U.K in our campervan in search of all things wild. We are currently spending our summer on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula on the West Coast of Scotland and have met all sorts from sea eagles, to pine martens to big jellyfish strandings!
It would be great if you could head over and have a look, see what you think and follow our adventures around the U.K's wild sights.

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