Whistling Kites and a Wedge Tailed Eagle

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Whistling Kites and a Wedge Tailed Eagle

Postby Robert Fuller » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:35 am

ImageWhen I set off to Australia for a family holiday, I was sure I would return with plenty of photographs of kangaroos and wallabies. But these creatures aren’t as easy to watch in the wild as you might think and although I got some shots of wallabies, it was actually a dead wallaby found by the side of the road that earned the best sightings of my visit.
I spotted a whistling kite on the roadkill and decided to move the carcass to somewhere where I could watch what happened from a makeshift hide. Before long I was watching a dramatic battle between crows, black and whistling kites and even Australia's biggest bird of prey, a wedge tail eagle
Read the full story on my blog...https://www.robertefuller.com/diary/australias-beautiful-birds-of-prey/
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