Wild Writing in Wessex & Northumberland

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Wild Writing in Wessex & Northumberland

Postby Nicola Chester » Fri May 26, 2017 6:05 pm

'The snipe makes silvery twists and dips, shouldering-in to scoop the sound out of the very air, making it flow over right angled tail feathers that stick out like horizontal stabilisers on the tail of a plane. The sound is a thrumming, a wuthering, a kite on a string that swoops and rights itself before hitting the ground: a sound like someone furiously bowing a cello ...The dark night sky darkened. There are stars in our hair and on the shoulder of the hill. The lights from a distant car sideswipe the hill like a searchlight, we shy away from it instinctively, fugitives from the light and the rest of the world'. Hill forts north and south, the Cheviots in Spring, islands and leavings: https://nicolachester.wordpress.com/
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