The Big Book of Mammals

Inside this special issue: 2437 amazing animal facts for you to discover, 49 of the weirdest species and how the world’s most incredible mammals survive and thrive! 

9 mammal fact files Discover the world’s oldest, fastest, heaviest and most deadly mammals! Plus find out about great mammal migrations, baby machines and how humans evolved. 

What makes a mammal? What does a naked mole rat have in common with a tiger – or a human? Discover the characteristics that all mammals share.

Lions, tigers, leopards... Discover how cats survive, hunt their prey and care for their young. Then meet the world’s smallest, weirdest and most mysterious felines.

Wolves, bears and carnivores From wolves to weasels, carnivores are an incredibly varied group with a wide range of tastes and some very strange members.

Elephants and their cousins Can you spot the differences between African and Asian elephants? Discover how smart they are and meet their very surprising cousins. 

Monkeys, apes and humans Gorillas, orangutans and chimps are our closest relatives. Discover their incredible intelligence and how to protect their habitat.

Zebras, giraffes, camels and more Ungulates are hooved animals that include horses, zebras, deer and giraffes. Discover how they use horns and antlers in battle.

Kangaroos and their cousins Marsupials and monotremes are some of the strangest animals alive – they include mammals that glide and hop and some that lay eggs.

The amazing world of bats How do these amazing mammals find their way in the dark? One species makes tents, and another shares its night-time meals. 

A riot of rodents Discover one rodent that uses its teeth to reshape the landscape, another that sleeps for half the year and another that can almost fly.

Hedgehogs and moles This group of mammals has a voracious appetite for insects and worms. Some spend their life in tunnels, others in water.

Anteaters, sloths and armadillos Sloths move so little, they grow algae on their fur. They live on leaves, while their close cousins have a huge appetite for ants. 


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