December 2012



Portfolio: Siberian Solitude

Igor Shpilenok’s photographs of Kamchatka vividly evoke the lives of the bears, foxes, moose and otters that became his neighbours over a long, harsh winter in Russia’s Far East.



A bonanza of new mammal species in Peru and the impacts of the primate pet trade. Plus Mark Carwardine on the fight to save moon bears from the bile industry.


Race to rescue the world’s rarest dog

The future of the Ethiopian wolf, afflicted by rampant canine diseases, is in the balance. Jaymi Heimbuch meets the vaccination team battling to stem the outbreaks.


Great whites in the uk?

Do great white sharks patrol our waters? Richard Peirce investigates the claims and explains why, amid hysterical headlines, sharks need our help, not our horror.


Giant otters

In a remote part of the Peruvian Amazon, a family of otters defends its lake from caiman. Philippa Forrester and Charlie Hamilton James introduce Diablo and his pugnacious mob.


Spy on the wild

Admire new discoveries, novel behaviour and spectacular portraits captured by the winners of our Camera-Trap Photo of the Year competition.


Raptor restaurant

Mike Unwin watches ‘bone-breakers’ – lammergeiers – soaring above the Spanish Pyrenees and visits a feeding programme working to conserve the mountains’ vultures.



December’s best reads, and David Lindo reveals his favourite book.


Tales from the Bush

Tracking down nesting bald eagles in Mexico.


The Big Question: 

How do 'virgin births' occur? How animals reproduce with mating. 

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