February 2015

In this exciting issue: Tough choices for wildlife conservation, rainforest mandrills, British wetland survival, Namibian wildlife, golden eagles, plus the latest science and conservation news!


Which would you save?

The need for conservation action outstrips funding, so we face tough choices

Rainforest mandrills

New insights into the life of the world’s biggest and most colourful monkeys

British wetland revival

Simon Barnes reveals a surprising success story

Namib wildlife

How desert species survive in this ultra-arid land

Golden eagles

The Scottish raptor isles where eagles are thriving


Latest scientific research

Fur seals mating with king penguins, the sophisticated social intelligence of ravens and how electric eels can remotely control their prey



Australian wildlife threat Plans for a vast expansion of farming and mining

Pine martens head south Sightings offer hope their numbers can keep growing

Windfarms and birds An innovative project lets birders switch off turbines during peak migration

Mark Carwardine Why don’t ministers take notice of scientists?


Wild challenge 12 different animal droppings to look for, and how to identify the culprits


Discover the Cairngorms

Iconic high-altitude species and the best places to see them this winter


Seven wild spectacles

Bearded tits, ancient yews, roosting rooks and more this February


BBC Wildlife Bloggers Awards are launched

How you can join in…


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21st January 2015
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