July 2012



Portfolio: Discover Patagonia

Breathtaking photographs celebrating Chile's Torres del Paine National Park, by Stefano Unterthiner.



Sri Lanka's road to ruin, one boy's idea to help lions and an Analysis Special on 'Can we save the whale?'


Size matters

Steve Harris reveals why big male fox cubs fare best and why a wet summer is key to their success.


The mystery turtle

Top underwater photographer Doug Perrine tracks down Australia's flat-back, the strangest, rarest and least-known sea turtle in the world. 


Purple Emperor

Matthew Oates explains why he is smitten with this lovely butterfly. 


Wild Borneo

Nick Garbutt explores the remote and beautiful Maliau Basin, home to pythons, pitcher plants, bearded pigs and other exotic species.


Kingdom of Heaven

The companion to Sir David Attenborough's new TV series on plants demands to be read – Phil Gates gives his verdict. 


Big Five Little Five

Ruthless predators, fierce horned wrestlers, armoured reptiles – as Stephen Mills explains, in Africa some of the smallest species pack the biggest punch. 


Tales from the Bush

It's back! Illegal aliens – the last thing Adam expected to find on an island in his nature reserve was carefully tended 'pot' plants.


The Big Question: Metamorphosis  How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? 

Richard Jones sheds light on the transformation from furry crawler to winged beauty and reveals what happens inside that pupa. 



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