July 2013



Coyote vs Wolf

It’s a dog eat dog world: biologist Alex Badyaev reports on the often violent relationship between the two species.


Do zoos have a future?

Are zoos vital conservation tools, or out-of-date animal ‘prisons’ that offer little but entertainment? Patrick Barkham investigates.



Dave Goulson reveals why these much-loved insects are not bumbling at all, but ultra-efficient, sophisticated foraging machines.


Ruff and tumble

The best pictures of lekking ruffs we’ve ever seen, taken by Winfried Wisniewski. 


Travel writer of the year 2013: the results

The wait is over – we announce the winner of our incredible safari to Tanzania.


Isle of May

Is this the best job in Britain? Dave Pickett, the reserve manager of this fabulous seabird island, shares the highlights of his summer.


Portfolio: Gannets

Three top photographers share their breathtaking photos of these majestic seabirds in their element.



A striking – not to mention shocking – photograph of a condor at a Peruvian festival.



Koala trouble, new revelations about ‘canned’ lion hunting, a victory for bees, and how the giraffe got its neck. Plus Mark Carwardine on a controversial rescue plan for Africa’s rhinos.



July’s best reads, and Springwatch’s Michaela Strachan reveals her favourite book.


Tales from the Bush

A personal quest to see all of the UK’s native mammals reaches the elusive ‘Scilly’ shrew.



Back by popular demand – possibly the world’s most fiendish wildlife crossword.

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