October 2012

IN THIS EXCITING ISSUE: Exclusive interview with Sir David Attenborough, 17 Attenborough clips that changed the world, spoon-billed sandpipers, African leopard portfolio, fallow deer rut, Florida's everglades and much more!


Portfolio: African leopards

It took photographer Greg du Toit three years to capture these stunning images of leopards lounging by day and prowling by night.



Dolphins as shark bait, forest lions discovered in Ethiopia, protests as badger culling starts, and the booming snake-skin trade. Plus Mark Carwardine says new wildlife laws are an ass. 


Attenborough 60 years of wildlife television

In our exclusive interview, Sir David talks candidly about six decades on TV, from the joys of filming ants in ultra close-up to why less is more when narrating natural history.


Attenborough 17 clips that changed the world

We pick the classic moments from Sir David’s pioneering BBC programmes that helped to transform our understanding of the natural world.


Fallow deer rut

The breeding system of fallow deer is more of a prolonged, messy affair than a rambunctious one-night stand, says David Dixon.


Saving spoon-billed sandpipers

Conservation missions to the Russian tundra have rescued one of the world’s rarest birds from the brink of extinction. Gerrit Vyn reports.


Florida’s everglades

American Dream: gorgeous photos by Mac Stone celebrate the extraordinary wildlife of this vast wetland, from crocodiles to roseate spoonbills and cottonmouth snakes.



October’s best reads, and George McGavin reveals his favourite book.


Tales from the Bush

A shaggy (wild) dog story, Botswana-style.


The Big Question: 

Why do animals interbreed? We investigate inter-species sex, and meet ligers, tigrons and other curious hybrids.

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