October 2014



Tiger mother

Discover the skills a tigress needs to raise cubs


Seven radical ways to beat poaching

Discover how the battle against the illegal wildlife trade has moved to the Web and forensics labs


Red kite revival

How this bird of prey has thrived since its return to England 25 years ago


Gombe chimps

Fabulous new images of the great apes made famous by Jane Goodall


Lady’s slipper orchid

How our rarest organism came back from the brink



Pacific marine parks plan The USA must get tough with pirate fishing vessels

Pay farmers to help bees Why the Government must incentivise pollinator plan

Save the albatrosses New invention could put an end to fisheries bycatch


Food for free

Wild foraging special shows how to make a three-course meal from the hedgerow


Be an expert

We reveal migrant bird behaviour to look out for this month


Seven wild spectacles 

See hen harrier roosts, the sika deer rut and brown hares this October


Halloween special Q&A

How bats find their way, spiders that feed on humans, three things you never knew about ravens, where to see black panthers, how to freeze a spider’s web, and we answer the question: what does a hoot mean?


Tales From the Bush

Tall story – or how a single lion brought down a giraffe


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