Summer 2013



On the trail of the snow tiger

Patrick Evans joins Russian conservationists tracking the ultra-elusive Siberian tiger in the remote snowy forests of Asia’s Far East.



Richard Lewington’s beautiful artworks grace our guide to 10 of the UK’s showiest insects.


Urban fox: victim or vermin?

Foxes are unfairly maligned in the media, yet domestic dogs are far more dangerous. Steve Harris asks if we can learn to live with foxes.



Instead of obsessing over saving individual species, it would be better to allow Britain’s wild, natural ecosystems to return, argues writer George Monbiot.


Giant wild hamsters!

The podgy wild cousins of our familiar pets are in trouble. We join ‘Team Hamster’, fighting to save these endearing giants.


Portfolio: Seychelles terns

Fairy, white, sooty and bridled… Stefano Unterthiner photographs the spectacular tern colonies of this Indian Ocean archipelago.


Beasts of bear island

Travel to Canada’s Vancouver Island for bears, wolves, humpbacks and orcas galore.



Sealions in trouble, plans to return lynx to Scotland, chatty prairie dogs, and a buzzard-control controversy. Plus Mark Carwardine on putting globally threatened species first.



The month’s best reads, and Jill Robinson of Animals Asia chooses her favourite book.


Tales from the Bush

Whistle me a tune: how a two-tone ditty made New Zealand’s blue duck magically appear.



Get puzzling…

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