Wild Britain 2050

Inside this special issue: Wild Britain 2050 How will the climate and new arrivals change British wildlife in our lifetime?


Monkey god Hanuman langurs’ sacred status enables them to flourish in urban areas

Spain’s little bustards As Europe increases intensive farming, how do we protect this species?

The world of molluscs Discover why one of the most diverse groups on the planet is so successful

Madagascan aye-ayes One of Earth’s strangest primates has evolved a woodpecker-like lifestyle

Bring back the lynx How do you reintroduce lynx to the UK, and are the plans realistic?

Chris Packham “I’m a fully paid-up member of this newfangled thing called science.”

Mark Carwardine Australia is rapidly becoming one of Earth’s least environmentally friendly countries.”

Wildlife garden Create a bog garden to attract more wildlife to your garden

Your questions answered What is responsible for headless toads, do primates have culture, how bats navigate and do male birds incubate? 


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8th July 2015
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