Meet the BBC Wildlife editorial team

Matt Swaine


Prior to joining the BBC Wildlife team I was living in Australia with possums in my garden and was spotting pelicans and parrots on my way into work.

I took my kids to watch humpback and southern right whales, to snorkel with green turtles and blacktip reef sharks and to encounter echidnas, wombats, koalas, emus and kangaroos.

I’ve spent 12 years writing about the outdoors, which has involved sharing Scottish mountains with red deer, ptarmigans and snow buntings.

I’ve searched for the elusive Snowdon lily, photographed lizards and ibex in Spain and watched wild dolphins in New Zealand.

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Ben Hoare

Features editor

I commission the magazine’s features and the Wild section. I wrote and edited natural history books for 12 years before joining BBC Wildlife in 2008.

I'm a well-travelled birder and have finally achieved my ambition to see the world's smallest bird, the delightful bee hummingbird.

I am happiest exploring the hills and woods around my home with my wife Louise and dog Lola.

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James Fair

Environment editor

I have worked as a magazine journalist for most of the past 20 years, with a several interruptions during the 1990s to travel and become the mother of an orphaned Andean bear.

These days, my horizons are slightly more limited, my chief concern being how to protect my bantams from foxes and grass snakes.

Contact James about Agenda (News), travel features and Tales from the Bush.


Sarah McPherson

Section editor (part-time)

I commission and edit the Q&A section, and write previews and behind-the-scenes articles about natural-history TV and radio.

When not at work I can usually be found on a slide or in a ball pool with my young sons.


Seth Burgess

Production editor

Seth Burgess is the production editor of BBC Wildlife, polishing the text to a bright sheen.

When not at work, he enjoys books, films and obsessing over spelling and grammar. His favourite animal is the dimetrodon, followed closely by the domestic cat.


Jo Price

Editorial assistant

I joined BBC Wildlife in June 2012 after completing a Diploma in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University.

When not in work I enjoy walking my dogs on the Gwent Levels and keeping a look out for wildlife treasures to add to my nature table. 

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Richard Eccleston

Art editor

I’m responsible for the look of the magazine. I design the cover and features, commission all photography and art work and oversee the layout of the other editorial pages.

Contact Richard to enquire about illustrations commissions or freelance design opportunities.


Gaz Nickolls

Deputy art editor

I specialise in colouring in and precise dotted line placement. My favourite animals at the moment are the giant squirrel and the tarsier. I also love making and drinking copious amounts of tea.


Wanda Sowry

Picture editor

I’ve been working for BBC Wildlife part-time since 1999. I deal with most of the picture research, image rights, credits and payments. I also make wooden automata.

At the weekends I can sometimes be found photographing insects, flowers and landscapes. Purely amateur photography, but well-keyworded.

Please read our advice on submitting photos to BBC Wildlife here before contacting Wanda.



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