Two of the chicks hatched and were fed before Odin disappeared
A well-known osprey nest in the Cairngorms has failed.
The Global Seed Bank is located in Svalbard
Millions of seeds in ‘Doomsday’ vault safe after permafrost melts 
A flame shell on a maerl bed with red and green seaweeds
Conservationists hope rare flame shell seabeds can be returned to their natural state after damage caused by dredging. 
Racer snakes watch and wait for hatching marine iguanas to emerge
Planet Earth II’s thrilling footage beats Game of Thrones and Strictly Come Dancing to win TV’s Must-See Moment award. 
Ximena Velez-Liendo from Bolivia undertaking fieldwork
The ‘Green Oscars’ celebrate the vital work of six conservationists.
Black-tailed godwit chick in the wild
Eggs collected from the wild from rare wading birds have now hatched in captivity.
A narwhal surfacing for breath in the Arctic
Biologists have been given new insights into the behaviour of one of the world’s most mysterious whales. 
A new study argues that dingos play a crucial part in Australia’s ecosystem and improve soil quality. 
Kentish glory moth © Tom Prescott
A new project in the Cairngorms tempts the rare and enigmatic Kentish glory moth with artificial female pheromones. 
rown hares are under threat in the UK due to habitat loss from large scale farmi
Non-native biomass crops, when planted on a small scale, provide a refuge for Britain’s declining brown hare population, which has lost much of its habitat to large scale farming.  
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