Utah the fox cub
The Scottish SPCA released 4,651 wild creatures in 2015.
Satellite-tagged cuckoo Flappy McFlapperson
Flappy McFlapperson is one of five common cuckoos that are being tracked to help researchers reveal where Chinese birds go in the winter. 
Countryfile presenters
Don’t miss your chance to discover more about nature at this exciting new summer event. 
Thibaud Gruber and Sonso chimps
Chimpanzees were first discovered to make and use tools by the zoologist Jane Goodall in the 1960s – now new research gives us some clues as to what stimulates them to do so.
Golden eagle, Norway
Fears that it could lead to a similar cull in Scotland are rejected by conservationists. #right-sidebar #block-views-promotions-block_2 { background-color: #BABABA; padding: 10px; display: none !important; }
Sir David Attenborough
Britain’s butterflies desperately need a spell of warmer weather to boost their numbers.
No less than 500 elephants are making their way north across Malawi in what is being billed as one of the largest translocations in history.
Tiger farm
The impact of farming tigers in China is greater than just the grisly nature of the fate of the animals – it also affects the survival of the species in the wild, and now that threat is greater, say conservationists.
scarlet tanager
How do some birds get their exotic scarlet plumage?
Where did all those moths come from that interrupted the France-Portugal Euro 2016 final in the Stade de France?
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