Foraging mongoose
Researchers have discovered that mongooses could have a reduced response to warning signals due to cars. 
Beanie the baby giant anteater
Find out why an oversized teddy bear is helping zookeepers to care for a one-month-old giant anteater after it was rejected by its mother.
A spiky yellow woodlouse underneath UV light
The spiky yellow woodlouse fluoresces under UV light.
Reconstruction of fossil otter in its paleohabitat.
Researchers have found a complete fossilised skull of an otter thought to have lived around 6.24 million years ago.  
Record number of participants undertake survey for flowering plants in midwinter.
Common pochard
Wildfowl and Wetland Trust scientists have investigated the decrease in pochard numbers. 
East Bank at Cley Marshes
Mammals, amphibians and invertebrates most likely to be negatively affected by the sudden influx of saltwater.
Neopalpa donaldtrumpi
Aside from the resemblance, a scientist wants to bring attention to an unknown species in the USA.
Snow leopard seen in Qinghai Province of China
First ever video footage of common and snow leopards on the Tibetan Plateau raises concerns for conservationists. 
The ring-necked parakeet is a non-native species in the UK
Researchers have created a global map of non-native birds. 
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