Vampire bat
New research reveals how vampire bats share their bloody meals to expand their social network.
African elephant
Night-time camera-trap images will help find ways for people and wildlife to live together harmoniously. 
Computer analysis of the howls of wolves and other canids could give scientists new insights into what they are saying and help with some thorny conservation issues.
After 1150 hours of observation by 1500 people, 4480 individual whales and dolphins were sighted around the coast of the UK during the National Whale and Dolphin Watch (NWDW) 2015. 
Vaccinating badger
A key plank of the Government's strategy to tackle bovine tuberculosis in cattle has been lost as a shortage of BCG supplies halts all badger vaccination work in England and Wales in 2016.
Willow tit
A rescue project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund aims to pull our most threatened species back from the brink.
These bridge-nesting birds are a popular local attraction, but are under threat from hotel chain plans.
Brown hare
Ministers have yet to confirm that funding for the specialist squad will continue after March. 
From riding elephants and taking 'tiger selfies' to visiting bear parks and crocodile farms, animal welfare campaigners have identified the top 10 wildlife attractions you should never, ever visit.
Poaching and habitat loss have led to hybridisation between forest and savannah elephants in Africa, say researchers. 
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