Anguilla anguilla, European eel
Evidence shows that the Sargasso Sea is a spawning ground of European and North American eels. 
Machimosaurus rex
It was big, it was bad and it could crush a turtle's shell with its jaws - meet Machimosaurus rex, the largest-ever marine crocodile.
Saltwater crocodile
Discover the truth behind the myth. 
K9 Killer with his handler Amos Mzimba
K9 Killer has been awarded a PDSA Gold Medal for helping to arrest 115 African rhino hunters in Kruger National Park. 
Adélie penguin
Adélie and gentoo penguins reach an accommodation over food resources.
Whooping crane
Knowledge passed down from adult whooping cranes to their offspring can cause harm to their young. 
Hundreds of the small birds have been reported by members of the public along the Scottish east coast.
Moon bear
Actress Lesley Nicol has been on a mission to help publicise the work of saving moon bears from bear bile farms.
White-beaked dolphins
Researcher and medical doctor Ben Burville hopes to use 2016 to prove that one of Britain's forgotten marine mammals has a resident population off the coast of Northumbria.
Shortfin mako shark
Proposals to eliminate shark finning in the Atlantic gain support.
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