Adriatic Marbled Bush-cricket
More than a quarter of Europe’s insects of the Orthoptera order are at risk of extinction. 
Throughout 2016 our Local Patch Reporters have been writing about wildlife found in their neighbourhoods.   
Fish-scale geckos lose not just their scales but also the skin underneath
A newly discovered Madagascan lizard uses a strange tactic to escape predators. 
Starling stuck in the manhole cover
A songbird flew in the wrong direction underground and got trapped. 
Hedgehog sightings are declining
BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine releases findings from its latest wildlife survey. 
Up to 10 vaquitas (rare porpoises) could be captured by conservationists with the help of dolphins. 
Kestrel on CCTV
A CCTV mast on the M5 in Gloucestershire has captured footage of a kestrel being attacked by a magpie and then a raven. 
A recently discovered coral reef system off the Brazilian coast has been photographed. 
Foraging mongoose
Researchers have discovered that mongooses could have a reduced response to warning signals due to cars. 
Beanie the baby giant anteater
Find out why an oversized teddy bear is helping zookeepers to care for a one-month-old giant anteater after it was rejected by its mother.
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