New research shows that yellow meadow ants have created nearly half a million anthills in Richmond Park.
Measuring only 14.5cm in length, this leg bone is estimated to sell for between £2000 and £3000.
A national online poll has revealed that Fingers in the Sparkle Jar is Britain’s favourite nature writing.
One of the chameleons under UV light
Some chameleon species respond to UV light, according to a new study.
A young orangutan, photographed by a camera trap
Conservationists are partnering with Google to analyse camera trap data.  
Animal rescue officers had to take urgent action to rescue a male deer with entangled antlers.
Researchers working to find the cause of a mass mortality event now have their answer.
A female Amur leopard at a safari park in Russia
This new revelation could spell disaster for the last few remaining Amur leopards.
Actor asked Greenpeace if they could take him somewhere he could dance with penguins.
The ecologist was distraught when his stock of rare plants was destroyed.
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