Bewick’s swan
Find out which Westminster politicians are raising the profiles of rare and vulnerable flora and fauna by becoming Species Champions.
Himalayan balsam
The Himalayan wildflower is targeted with a ‘bio-control’ fungus to help native flora.
Female baby western lowland gorilla.
Bristol Zoo vets perform a caesarean on a Western lowland gorilla to prevent a possible life-threatening condition.
Tiger in a cage
Farming tigers for their body parts is having an adverse impact on wild populations.
It's World Pangolin Day on 20 February – a chance for us all to find out more about a group of animals that you'd be tempted to dismiss as imaginary if they didn't genuinely exist.
Sir David Attenborough
The broadcaster gains the most votes and beats author J K Rowling to first place in a public survey. 
A hard start for starlings can mean youngsters learn vital behavioural strategies. 
Vampire bat
New research reveals how vampire bats share their bloody meals to expand their social network.
African elephant
Night-time camera-trap images will help find ways for people and wildlife to live together harmoniously. 
Computer analysis of the howls of wolves and other canids could give scientists new insights into what they are saying and help with some thorny conservation issues.
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