Bearded capuchin
Capuchins' use of tools to open cashew nuts may have crossed over to human behaviour.
Tasmanian devil may be coming up with its own cure for fatal facial cancer disease.
The Ramsar Convention is an international effort between governments to conserve wetlands and their resources.
African elephant
Experts from ZSL will convene at the 17th CITES CoP to make key recommendations that will help to halt the decline of Africa's elephants.
Getting rid of non-native pests is possible and could even happen in the UK, say experts.
London Zoo is best known for its exotic creatures great and small and the programmes it runs to conserve them in the wild - but now it's fighting to save a tiny population of Britain's best-loved mammal.
Sacha Dench flying her paramotor
Conservationist Sacha Dench has taken to the skies to follow the 7242km migration route of Bewick’s swans. 
African elephants
African elephant populations can’t meet demands of legalised ivory trade, a recent report argues.
New State of Nature report about the precarious position of Britain's wildlife prompts fierce debate between conservationists, farmers and the government. 
Amphibious mudskippers are able to walk on land using their pectoral fins
Study suggests adapting to life on land wasn't the biggest challenge facing fish coming ashore millions of years ago. 
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