Beaver at Loch of the Lowes
The Scottish Beaver Trial has been given permission to reinforce the existing beaver population in Knapdale. 
Grey wolf in Norway
The Norwegian Government will cull four of its wolf packs.
Arctic tern
Biologists studying the flight behaviour of common and Arctic terns have found that larger flocks travel faster than smaller ones.
Chimpanzees can be a nuisance by stealing fruits and other produce, but in the Central African country of Guinea, they're helping farmers to propogate a useful cash-crop - chocolate.
Leatherback turtle
The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has reported the lowest number of plastic bags found on British beaches in 10 years. 
cirl bunting
Once on the brink of extinction, this small farmland bird is on the rise in Britain. 
African lion
Trophy hunting of lions may help fund conservation in Tanzania – but the model must change.
Humpback whale
Humpback whales have been seen intervening during humpback whale attacks, helping the victims to elude their attackers. 
humpback whale
Ellen Husain is the first natural history filmmaker to be awarded the title of BAFTA Breakthrough Brit. 
Red-capped manakin
A controversial new paper calls the IUCN Red List into question.
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