Granny/J2 in 2010
Researchers say that an orca known as Granny has not been seen since October.
Leaping salmon
A successful restoration project on the Swindale Beck River provides an ideal habitat for breeding fish. 
Beaver eating a twig
An application to reintroduce 10 beavers to the wild has been resubmitted to Natural Resources Wales. 
Diplodocus exhibit in the Hintz Hall
The Natural History Museum’s world famous dinosaur is being taken apart. 
Sperm whale with raised tail before diving into the ocean
Vocal dialects of sperm whales found around the Galápagos Islands have changed, according to new research. 
Hedgehog in Regent's Park
Lorry park to be built on key hedgehog habitat in central London.
A new study reveals how robins' song and behaviour are affected by urban lights and noise
Waigeo brush-turkey
Conservationists received an early Christmas present when they captured the Waigeo brush-turkey on video for the first time.
Anemone shrimp, P. sagittifer
As UK waters heat up cold water fish are gradually being replaced by warm water species. 
Reindeer mother and calf in Svalbard
Ecologists find that the weight of reindeers is reducing, and believe that warming temperatures could be the cause
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