White-tailed bumblebee
Study finds that controversial pesticides may be harming the ability of bumblebees to buzz
Wisdom and her egg
The world’s oldest known breeding wild bird has laid yet another egg
Dartford Warbler
Popular volunteering event helps wildlife charity to clear pine trees from rare heathland
Grey Parrot
The IUCN has recently updated its Red List. Discover which species have made a remarkable comeback and which are in trouble. 
Sacha Dench flying over the English Channel
A woman has crossed the English Channel in a paramotor during a 7242km journey to follow the migratory route of Bewick’s swans. 
'Supertrees' in Singapore, featuring in Cities episode on Sunday 11th December
TV ratings reveal that more 16 to 34 year olds are watching a natural history documentary than a talent show. 
European robin
The British Government says it has no plans to give the much-loved robin 'official status' despite public support. 
Hedgehog in ivy
The adorable hedgehog has won a public poll to discover the UK’s best-loved mammal. 
Beaver at Loch of the Lowes
The Scottish Beaver Trial has been given permission to reinforce the existing beaver population in Knapdale. 
Grey wolf in Norway
The Norwegian Government will cull four of its wolf packs.
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