A new study sheds light on why it is that birds are more likely to collide with windows in domestic environments rather than large, commercial windows.
Results from the UK citizen science study, Big Butterfly Count 2017, have painted a concerning and somewhat puzzling picture of the state of Britain’s butterflies. 
The rare willow emerald damselfly has been seen for the first time as far west as Buckinghamshire in the UK. 
Saltwater crocodile
One of the world's leading crocodile researchers has uncovered surprising facts about these reptiles.
Snow Leopard
It surely counts as a good day at the office when you download images from a trailcam onto your computer - and find this...
A citizen-science study has found that one of Britain’s best-loved amphibians may soon be a rare sight. 
Research suggests that reintroducing cougars could help to keep drivers safer in the US by reducing the amount of traffic collisions with deer.
The Royal Society of Biology announces its young photographer winner and releases a shortlist of images for its Photographer of the Year competition. 
Bearded capuchin
Capuchins' use of tools to open cashew nuts may have crossed over to human behaviour.
Tasmanian devil may be coming up with its own cure for fatal facial cancer disease.
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