How to prepare for a trip to the tropics

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Heading to Africa in pursuit of the Big Five? Flocking to South America for the exotic birdlife? Or simply enjoying the great outdoors and native wildlife of the British Isles? Whatever your thing, there’s something special about taking time to enjoy our planet and get closer to nature...

But, as any wildlife fanatic will know, there are some creatures you don’t want to get up close and personal with.

Take the mosquito – the perennial pest of holidaymakers is frequently dismissed as simply an irritation. In reality, this troublesome insect is responsible for over 750,000 deaths worldwide each year, making it one of the greatest travel health risks, especially in tropical regions.

Whilst mosquitoes in the UK don’t carry dangerous infectious diseases, mosquitoes abroad do. They are responsible for the transmission of serious diseases such as Japanese encephalitis, malaria, yellow fever and the zika virus. Because of that, it’s essential to be fully prepared for travelling to areas where you might be at risk.

Next time you're planning a trip, use this handy checklist.

• Research the countries that you are travelling to, including the potential health risks.
• Seek professional travel health advice up to eight weeks before you travel. Go to either your nearest travel health clinic, or a pharmacy which offers a comprehensive travel health service (be aware that the majority of UK GP Practices do not offer a comprehensive service).
• Ensure that you pack relevant medical supplies, including a scientifically proven effective insect repellent such as Moskito Guard®.

The active repellent ingredient in Moskito Guard® (20% Picaridin) is an alternative to DEET. Whilst a well-established repellent, DEET can have many downsides such as causing skin irritation and leaving a greasy/sticky residue on application with an unpleasant smell.

In comparison, Picaridin is equally as effective and often superior to DEET when used at recommended concentrations (20%). Picaridin is much more pleasant to apply with less risk of skin irritation – just two of the many benefits that Moskito Guard® offers compared to DEET-based products.

Just take a look at a few of the advantages.

Find out more about Moskito Guard® and download a free travel health leaflet.

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