Adélie penguins
20 January is Penguin Awareness Day, so BBC Wildlife Magazine has teamed up with British Antarctic Survey to bring you 20 amazing facts about penguins. 
The ring-necked parakeet is a non-native species in the UK
Researchers have created a global map of non-native birds. 
Willow Tit
The combination of climate change and habitat loss is proving too much for some birds and butterflies. 
With temperatures falling towards freezing, winter nights poses a risk to small birds and they must find ways to survive this cold season.
A new study reveals how robins' song and behaviour are affected by urban lights and noise
Wisdom and her egg
The world’s oldest known breeding wild bird has laid yet another egg
Grey Parrot
The IUCN has recently updated its Red List. Discover which species have made a remarkable comeback and which are in trouble. 
European robin
The British Government says it has no plans to give the much-loved robin 'official status' despite public support. 
Arctic tern
Biologists studying the flight behaviour of common and Arctic terns have found that larger flocks travel faster than smaller ones.
cirl bunting
Once on the brink of extinction, this small farmland bird is on the rise in Britain. 
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