Ecologist Christian Dunn discusses the likelihood of spotting this smart woodland finch in your back garden.
SNH has approved the culling of ravens to conserve wading birds
Scottish Natural Heritage is allowing the killing of 69 ravens a year to protect nesting waders.
Look out for bottlenose dolphins
Ferry travel can be an easy and convenient way to get to your holiday destination - offering ample leisure time during the journey and the chance to hopefully spot some wonderful wildlife! 
Canada goose
BBC Wildlife contributor Mike Toms discusses moult migration.
A pair of ospreys at Rutland Water has generated another UK record.
A corncrake in the Hebrides
Conservationists believe that the species may have bred on Rathlin Island for the first time in 18 years.
With a range of prey and nest sites, peregrines are thriving in US and European cities. Karl Mathiesen investigates how they have adapted to city living. 
Oil slicks are lethal traps for seabirds.
Science writer Stuart Blackman explains why oil is so damaging.
Yellow-breasted bunting
This bunting species is now listed as Critically Endangered and faces an extremely high risk of extinction. 
Britain is a major wintering area for wildfowl
Ornithologist Mike Toms reveals which of our winter ducks come from Russia.
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