Puffin on the Farne Islands
Citizen science provides new information on puffin declines in the UK
The new 'Big Bird'
Scientists observe the development of a new bird species for the first time.
Ingenious trick helps repair the damaged wing of a tawny owl.
Wandering albatross on Bird Island in South Georgia
A new long-term study sheds light on potential threats to these long-lived birds.
Ostrich walking through grassland in Namibia
BBC Wildlife contributor Stuart Blackman discusses this strange adaptation of ostriches. 
Sheep grazing at Curbar Edge, Derbyshire
Christian Dunn discusses the effect of removing sheep from our uplands.
Success for some little tern populations, but other colonies have struggled.
BBC Wildlife contributor Mike Toms explains bird conservation categories in the UK. 
Grey seal
Jon Dunn discovers why seals expel air when they are about to go underwater.
Gannet chick in nest which incorporates plastic
Study finds that almost three-quarters of examined species had ingested plastic.
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