The variation in birdsong has been an enigma in scientific research, but researchers have come one step closer to decoding this complex language. 
Citizen science project launched to protect the nation’s puffin population. 
Two of the chicks hatched and were fed before Odin disappeared
A well-known osprey nest in the Cairngorms has failed.
Black-tailed godwit chick in the wild
Eggs collected from the wild from rare wading birds have now hatched in captivity.
The inaugural winner of Pop Idol will feature on a BBC Radio Four programme celebrating International Dawn Chorus Day.
EJ surrounded by snow
Female bird of prey chooses to stay on nest, despite bad Scottish weather.
A puffin pair
A new study reveals how puffins that stay near each other while migrating produce more chicks. 
Europe’s largest wader is a high conservation priority.
Nightingale singing in a tree
Slightly larger than a robin, the nightingale is well-known for its lilting, beautiful song but can be surprisingly hard to spot. 
Increased numbers of waxwings were seen in 2017's survey
Big Garden Birdwatch 2017 results show we’ve had a ‘waxwing winter’. 
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