climate change

Researchers have discovered worrying results following a series of climatic changes in 2016.
Small heath butterfly
Long-term study reveals the negative pressure of urban environments on butterfly populations. 
East Bank at Cley Marshes
Mammals, amphibians and invertebrates most likely to be negatively affected by the sudden influx of saltwater.
Willow Tit
The combination of climate change and habitat loss is proving too much for some birds and butterflies. 
Anemone shrimp, P. sagittifer
As UK waters heat up cold water fish are gradually being replaced by warm water species. 
Reindeer mother and calf in Svalbard
Ecologists find that the weight of reindeers is reducing, and believe that warming temperatures could be the cause
Sir David Attenborough
The world's most famous naturalist and natural history TV presenter to tell film students how they can follow in his footsteps.
A turnstone on a patch on snow in Zackenberg, Greenland.
New research shows that some migratory birds may be severely affected by climate change.
The extinction of big species from tropical forests could make climate change worse. 
Polar bear
In Paris, governments agreed to limit global temperature rises to below 2˚C – but will this be enough to save the species that has come to best represent the threat to our planet from global warming, the polar bear?
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