'Pangolin' comes from the Malayan word for 'the roller'
The armour that protects pangolins makes them acutely vulnerable to the deadliest predator of all. James Fair reports on the conservationists fighting to save these amazing mammals from Homo sapiens.
A female seal trapped by boulders has returned to the wild.
Female beaver
New research reveals the impact of beavers on their local environment.
Hydrotherapy helps a hedgehog to recover.
View the winning and shortlisted images from The Mammal Society annual photo contest. 
Reindeer are the only deer species in which both the males and females carry ant
Q&A Editor Sarah McPherson gives the lowdown on reindeer antlers. 
Author Liz Kalaugher discusses this unusual immunity.
Mary river turtle
A list has been drawn up that includes a turtle that breathes through its genitals and a blind snake.
The European hare is also known as the brown hare
Naturalist and author Polly Pullar discusses this odd behaviour. 
The anti-trafficking operation also identified a previously unknown smuggling route.
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