Grey seals in the snow at Donna Nook
Scientists studying the reaction of seals to stress have found differences between individuals, and that appearances can be deceptive - a calm-looking seal doesn't necessarily mean a stress-free one.
Brown rats at Karbu Mata temple, known as the Temple of Rats
BBC Wildlife contributor Amy-Jane Beer answers your wild question. 
Sex and rank makes all the difference in the complex lives of these African carnivores.
African wild dogs
Zoologist Daniella Rabaiotti explains how African wild dogs tackle their prey. 
BBC Wildlife contributor Christian Dunn answers your wild question.
An Eurasian otter on the Isle of Mull, Scotland
Wild otters have individual dialects based on their region according to new research. 
A leopard seal rests on an ice flow along the Antarctic Peninsula
Scientists are using drones to monitor and measure the Antarctic mammals.
Bearded seal on an iceberg in Svalbard, Norway
Naturalist and BBC Wildlife contributor Jon Dunn explains the remarkable ways these marine mammals use their whiskers.
Cheetah family
BBC Wildlife's Q&A editor Sarah McPherson discusses cheetah spots. 
Wolf population lacks genetic variation, according to new research. 
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