7.2 tonnes of ivory tusk
Customs officers in Hong Kong have seized 7.2 tonnes of ivory tusks hidden beneath frozen fish. 
Natterer's bat – its broad wings enable it to fly slowly
A new project to detect and identify bats in real time is trialled by scientists. 
Hedgehog ‘blown up like a beach ball’ is saved. 
Grevy's zebras in a UK zoo
BBC Wildlife contributor Stuart Blackman answers your wild question. 
A narwhal surfacing for breath in the Arctic
Biologists have been given new insights into the behaviour of one of the world’s most mysterious whales. 
The reindeer will be filmed for a week
A Norwegian broadcaster is livestreaming the 150-160 kilometre reindeer migration.
Researchers working in Borneo have found a new population of a secretive wild cat. 
The footage shows the snow leopards curled up together
Conservationists in China filmed the three Endangered felines having an afternoon sleep. 
Discover amazing facts about this unusual looking mammal. 
Grey langur
A new study has found that langur monkeys can be taught to light matches.
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