wildlife Q&A

Science writer Stuart Blackman answers your wild question.
Ornithologist Mike Toms shares his knowledge of bird migration. 
Wood anemones are perfect indicators a forest is older
Naturalist and author Amy-Jane Beer answers your wild question.
The preferred tusk is often more worn
BBC Wildlife writer Sarah McPherson answers your wild question.
A yellow seahorse (Hippocampus kuda)
Marine biologist and photographer Matt Doggett answers your wild question.
Swallowtail feeding on thistles in Norfolk
Entomologist and BBC Wildlife contributor Richard Jones explains why this beautiful butterfly is only found in Norfolk.
Wind turbines
Science writer Stuart Blackman reveals the true impact of wind turbines for wildlife. 
Cuban boa
Science writer Stuart Blackman analyses hunting strategies of the slithery kind. 
A female Leiobunum rotundum harvestman
BBC Wildlife contributor Richard Jones answers your wild question. 
Tawny owl at roost in woodland (captive bird)
BBC Wildlife writer Mike Toms answers your wild question.
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