wildlife Q&A

Bearded seal on an iceberg in Svalbard, Norway
Naturalist and BBC Wildlife contributor Jon Dunn explains the remarkable ways these marine mammals use their whiskers.
Cheetah family
BBC Wildlife's Q&A editor Sarah McPherson discusses cheetah spots. 
Capsicum annuum
BBC Wildlife contributer Christina Harrison talks chillies.
Wolf spider
BBC Wildlife contributor Stuart Blackman discusses multiple partners in mating. 
Elegant anemone
BBC Wildlife contributer Matt Doggett explains colourful anemone growth.
White tern on Midway Atoll in Hawaii
BBC Wildlife contributor Mike Toms explains why these small birds lay their eggs in such a precarious location. 
Ostrich walking through grassland in Namibia
BBC Wildlife contributor Stuart Blackman discusses this strange adaptation of ostriches. 
Sheep grazing at Curbar Edge, Derbyshire
Christian Dunn discusses the effect of removing sheep from our uplands.
Thrift flowering on on cliffs at Thurlestone, Devon
Naturalist Phil Gates discusses how sea pink copes with harsh salty conditions.
Steve Carter from the Vincent Wildlife Trust discusses ferrets and polecats. 
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