wildlife Q&A

Males throughout the animal kingdom tend to live shorter lives than females
Science writer Stuart Blackman discusses female longevity.
Small tortoiseshell butterfly
BBC Wildlife contributer Richard Jones explains this aggressive butterfly behaviour.
Canada goose
BBC Wildlife contributor Mike Toms discusses moult migration.
Basking shark
BBC Wildlife contributor Cat Gordon from The Shark Trust talk about sharks around Britain. 
Oil slicks are lethal traps for seabirds.
Science writer Stuart Blackman explains why oil is so damaging.
Britain is a major wintering area for wildfowl
Ornithologist Mike Toms reveals which of our winter ducks come from Russia.
Reindeer are the only deer species in which both the males and females carry ant
Q&A Editor Sarah McPherson gives the lowdown on reindeer antlers. 
Naturalist and author Amy-Jane Beer sheds light on what tree rings can tell us.
Author Liz Kalaugher discusses this unusual immunity.
The European hare is also known as the brown hare
Naturalist and author Polly Pullar discusses this odd behaviour. 
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