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Explore Shetland article spread
Shetland is the best place in Britain to see orcas, otters and breeding seabirds. James Fair reports on the islands that some say rival the Galápagos as a wildlife experience.
Beavers in Scotland article spread
A musky perfume, a pile of twigs – the evidence all adds up. European beavers have returned to mid-Argyll after four centuries of absence. Kenny Taylor takes a magical mystery tour of their new home.
The flatlands of the Somerset Levels have inspired wildlife film-maker Simon King since he was a boy, and in this exclusive article he explains why.
Ireland article spread, photo © The Irish Image Collection/
Windswept and waterlogged, Ireland really is different to the rest of the British Isles and offers some unique wildlife encounters. Just don’t forget your raincoat.  
Explore Colonsay and Oronsay Islands article spread
It’s still possible to find untouched Edens in Britain. Fergus Collins visits a pair of islands on western Scotland’s Celtic fringe, where wildlife far outnumbers people.
Adventure along the River Dart article spread
There is no better way to see the British countryside than on two legs, so James Fair put on his walking boots with the intention of following the entire length of the River Dart.
Explore the Wye Valley article spread
There are many ways to explore the Wye Valley. James Fair follows the river from source to mouth to discover the wildlife living on and around this famous stretch of water.
Explore the Hebrides article spread
Britain’s most remote islands are the goal of many travellers. James Fair spent a week trying but failing to reach St Kilda, and would do it all again at the drop of an anchor.
Discover Cotswold Water Park article spread
The poetry of artificial lakes lies in what you hear, not what you see – especially with the spring arrival of one famous bird.
52 wild things to do in summer logo
BBC wildlife cameraman, John Aitchison reveals the best places in Britain to see these creatures of habit.