Falkland Islands article spread
Imagine a world where you can have a full-on, Force 10 wildlife experience in the company of almost nobody else. The Falkland Islands is the war zone that became a wildlife wonderland.
How to survive animal attacks logo
Knowing how to avoid an attack could save your life, because if a bear decides to pick a fight, you’re in a tight corner.
How to survive animal attacks logo
What to do if you find yourself in a life-or-death situation - and how to avoid being there in the first place.  
How to survive animal attacks logo
Walking through the African bush in the dry season could bring you face to face with a hippopotamus. Here's how to avoid a potentially dangerous and even fatal encounter.
BBC Wildlife travel logo
Alaska, the big country, has huge appeal for nature-lovers with its magnificent wildlife and vast landscapes. 
BBC Wildlife travel logo
To experience the real Africa, get out of your car, get down on your knees and learn how an elephant’s footprint can reveal how fast it was moving. Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for lions, leopards and hippos.
Explore the Hebrides article spread
Britain’s most remote islands are the goal of many travellers. James Fair spent a week trying but failing to reach St Kilda, and would do it all again at the drop of an anchor.
Giant otter article
They’re large and they hunt in packs, so giant otters ought to be easy to study. Sophie Stafford put her tracking skills to the test in Brazil’s Pantanal.
Discover Cotswold Water Park article spread
The poetry of artificial lakes lies in what you hear, not what you see – especially with the spring arrival of one famous bird.
If you’re serious about looking at insects in close-up, a binocular microscope is essential. Richard Jones puts some affordable models through their paces.
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