Wildlife & Nature Photography

Albertonectes hunting fish in the Bearpaw Sea.

Prehistoric creatures are brought back to life in this stunning selection of images from The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi.

Puffin by Tom Pugh (Wildlife in Action: Commended)

Images that capture the incredible wildlife, habitats and landscapes of north-east England.

Kingfisher by Julian Cox.

Wildlife photographer Jules Cox shares his expert tips. 

Male yawning while resting at the edge of a thermal pool.

Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers got a poolside view into the lives of Japanese macaques. 

Green shield bug in its habitat.

Wildlife photographer Leon Baas shares his expert tips. 

‘Butterflies with Guns’, Mexico, 1995

Enjoy a selection of fantastic images from 100 Things That Caught My Eye – the book. 

Red kangaroos at waterhole by Theo Allofs, Germany.

Vote now for your favourite image in this new category of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 competition. 

Eight-day-old cubs curled up in nest.

Incredible photos of the fastest land mammal on Earth from A Future for Cheetahs

 Roach's mouse-tailed dormouse

Wildlife photographer Elliott Neep shares his expert tips. 

Black footed penguins being released after rehabilitation.

A Southern African charity is playing a vital role in saving seabird populations from pollution and starvation.