Wildlife & Nature Photography

‘Pike’ wood engraving by Sister Margaret Tournour, 1993.

Amazing creations that have been inspired by the natural world. 

A bull in a hormonal state of ‘musth’ during the breeding season.

Morkel Erasmus documents the movements and surprisingly agile behaviour of African giants in this amazing photo gallery. 


Discover how to take the best pictures of wildlife found on the coast. 

Female ring-tailed lemur and her one to two-week-old-baby.

Wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas captures the behaviour of ring-tailed lemurs at Berenty Reserve, Madagascar. 

Red flowers

A selection of the most spectacular displays of wild blooms on the planet, by nature photographer Bob Gibbons.

Female grey seal hauled out onto rocks, Lundy Island, Devon.

Alex Mustard reveals the diverse habitats and fascinating species existing beneath the waves surrounding Britain. 

Albertonectes hunting fish in the Bearpaw Sea.

Prehistoric creatures are brought back to life in this stunning selection of images from The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi.

Kingfisher by Julian Cox.

Wildlife photographer Jules Cox shares his expert tips. 

Male yawning while resting at the edge of a thermal pool.

Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers got a poolside view into the lives of Japanese macaques. 

Green shield bug in its habitat.

Wildlife photographer Leon Baas shares his expert tips.