Female grey seal hauled out onto rocks, Lundy Island, Devon.

Alex Mustard reveals the diverse habitats and fascinating species existing beneath the waves surrounding Britain. 

Albertonectes hunting fish in the Bearpaw Sea.

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Male yawning while resting at the edge of a thermal pool.

Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers got a poolside view into the lives of Japanese macaques. 

‘Butterflies with Guns’, Mexico, 1995

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Red kangaroos at waterhole by Theo Allofs, Germany.

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Eight-day-old cubs curled up in nest.

Incredible photos of the fastest land mammal on Earth from A Future for Cheetahs

Black footed penguins being released after rehabilitation.

A Southern African charity is playing a vital role in saving seabird populations from pollution and starvation. 

Tree frog in a bromeliad, Brazil, South America.

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A bittern creeps through the reeds in search of a meal.

Oscar Dewhurst captures astonishing images of bitterns emerging from their reedbed habitat. 

Young girl being blessed by a temple elephant.

Photojournalist Annette Bonnier illustrates the complex relationship between Indian elephants and people.