Blue tit taking off in the snow.

A 60-year-old scrapyard is a surprisingly good refuge for wildlife as Pål Hermansen discovered. 

A Cape gannet flaps and stretches its wings after an intensive preening session.

Peter Chadwick captures the charisma of Cape gannets at their South African breeding colonies. 

Hourglass Dolphins by Chris Rose (acrylic).

Marvel at amazing cetacean artwork in a range of media by talented wildlife artists. 

Female lion-tailed macaque feeding on a seed pod.

Anup and Fiona stayed with a troop of lion-tailed macaques for several weeks, until the monkeys were sufficiently used to their presence to allow them to take these incredible pictures. 

Great auk by Bruce Pearson (oil on canvas).

Enjoy beautiful artworks that ‘breath life’ back into extinct bird species.

A male peregrine falcon attempts to steal a meal from a female mid-flight.

Sam Hobson has spent two years photographing these powerful birds of prey in the city. 

14-month-old cubs cool off in a watering hole, Bandhavgarh National Park, India.

Steve Winter’s amazing images address the plight of a magnificent big cat. 

An Arctic tern will defend its nest fearlessly by dive-bombing intruders.

Kurt Jay Bertels visited Svalbard during the summer to photograph polar bears and became distracted by the wonderful bird life residing on the Arctic islands. 

Acropora species

Marine biology PhD student Daniel has applied a special technique when photographing corals that reveals wonderful colours. 

Hunting Ethiopian wolf.

An inspiring gallery documenting the lives of the the world's rarest canid, the Ethiopian wolf and its struggle for survival.