14-month-old cubs cool off in a watering hole, Bandhavgarh National Park, India.

Steve Winter’s amazing images address the plight of a magnificent big cat. 

An Arctic tern will defend its nest fearlessly by dive-bombing intruders.

Kurt Jay Bertels visited Svalbard during the summer to photograph polar bears and became distracted by the wonderful bird life residing on the Arctic islands. 

Acropora species

Marine biology PhD student Daniel has applied a special technique when photographing corals that reveals wonderful colours. 

Hunting Ethiopian wolf.

An inspiring gallery documenting the lives of the the world's rarest canid, the Ethiopian wolf and its struggle for survival. 

A roosting tawny owl in an English wood.

Two leading bird photographers have collaborated to bring you a stunning photo gallery of European owls.  

Pine marten with a wood mouse.

Eric Médard has spent 25 years developing soundproofed infra-red equipment and shares his wonderful nocturnal wildlife photograpy in this gallery. 

‘Berry rush’ by Geoff Harries – August 2013 (waxwing)

A special gallery to share your best wildlife moments, at home and abroad, and celebrate the talent of BBC Wildlife's Your Photos winners. Enjoy!

A male brown bear enters a clearing in the Alutaguse forest, Estonia.

During a nine day trip to Estonia, Neil Aldridge and Remo Savisaar captured the wildlife and landscapes of this beautiful Baltic country. 

Cheetah hunting a Thomson’s gazelle, Masai Mara.

James Warwick takes you on an East African wildlife safari in this fantastic photo gallery. 

Overall winner: Roach's mouse-tailed dormouse by Halim Yalçın Diker.

Substance and style complement each other in our gallery of the winners of the BBC Wildlife camera-trap competition – captivating images depicting endangered armadillos, territorial cats and hungry ferret-badgers.