This group of horses is led by a herd matriarch and a dominant stallion.

James Anderson captures the dramatic family affairs of a band of wild horses in the Ghost Forest, Alberta. 

Little Egret (linocut) by Robert Gillmor.

A gallery showcasing the extraordinary talents of members of the Society of Wildlife Artists. 

Fallow deer and Scots pines at dawn.

James Warwick captures the beauty of autumn while photographing species in his local woodland. 

The shy crocodile by Jordi Chias Pujol, Spain.

Enjoy a world exclusive sneak peek at some of the award-winning images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 competition. 

Now in its fifth year, our art competition showcases a breathtaking array of images of animals both familiar and vanishingly rare. 

Amur leopard, Russian Far East.

A gallery highlighting the work of the world's leading wildlife photographers at WildPhotos photography symposium 12-13 October. 

Tigress and four-week-old cubs at den entrance.

Suzi Eszterhas staked out the den of a tigress for months to produce these stunning and very rare photos of young cubs growing up. 

A kingfisher flies with a minnow in its beak.

Sam Stewart spent over four months getting to know one particular kingfisher at a small stream in Dorset. 

A herd of elephants wander along a dry river bed.

Jay Roode has taken to the skies with her husband Jan to capture a bird's eye view of Namibian wildlife. 

'Ron' is a magnificent lion in the Masai Mara, Kenya.

Marvel at David Lloyd's beautiful images of iconic Kenyan wildlife.