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A female and her yearling.
Wildlife photographer Yuzuru Masuda visited Israel’s Ein Gedi nature reserve to reveal how Nubian ibex survive in a rocky-desert habitat. 
The Iberian lynx is the smallest species of lynx.
Captive breeding and translocation are key to the ongoing effort to conserve the Iberian lynx, and have brought the species back from the brink of extinction. Photographer Laurent Geslin reports.
A female cave spider protects her egg sac.
Emanuele Biggi and Francesco Tomasinelli went subterranean last summer to get these amazing photos of species inhabiting the spectacular cave systems of Borneo.  
Pine marten
Breathtaking images of Scotland’s wildlife throughout the seasons by Laurie Campbell. 
A rare night-time photograph of the female and her brood.
Photographer Luke Massey tells the amazing story of a pair of peregrine falcons nesting on a Chicago skyscraper.
This pair may have been apart for more than a year while at sea.
There are thought to be only about 6,000 breeding pairs of wandering albatrosses left in the world. In January 2015 wildlife photographer David Tipling visited South Georgia, a crucial breeding site, where he took these amazing images. 
Baby Sumatran orangutan.
Photographer Craig Jones puts the plight of the Sumatran orangutan in the spotlight and highlights the great work that is being done to save the red ape.
A honeypot ant in the mouth of an Aborigine child regurgitates a drop of honeyde
Amazing photos of the ants that use their bodies to stockpile sugar. Photos by Éric Tourneret. 
Chinese pangolin Gung-wu sleeping, Taipei Zoo, Taipei, Taiwan.
Find out what happens to pangolins that have been saved from poachers. 
Leopard portrait.
A selection of fantastic species you can see while on safari in Africa. 
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