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This cross-section of a stem of the fanged pitcher plant.
Christian Ziegler has documented how pitcher plants engage with a range of animals to obtain nutrition in a challenging environment.
A chainsaw is started and lined up with the markings on the horn.
Philip Field has documented the legal capture, dehorning and release of a black rhino at a South African reserve. 
Marek Mierzejewski has spent years photographing beautiful butterflies in his local meadow. 
Summer: An alert hare uses its extremely long ears to listen out for danger.
Martin Hayward Smith photographed British hares throughout the seasons in Norfolk and rescued a wounded leveret. 
Seychelles fody and morning glory vine
James Warwick has documented the wonderful array of wildlife that can be found on Cousin Island Special Reserve, Seychelles. 
This sentry is more bothered by the flies than keeping a look out for danger.
Robin Hoskyns spent a year in the Kalahari Desert photographing the behaviour of some of the most co-operative mammals on Earth. 
Female grey seal hauled out onto rocks, Lundy Island, Devon.
Alex Mustard reveals the diverse habitats and fascinating species existing beneath the waves surrounding Britain. 
Water vole on release day
Wildlife photographer Nick Upton has documented water vole conservation efforts in the UK. 
Indian sloth bear mother and cubs.
Axel Gomille has visited India to document its rich fauna over the past 20 years. 
Winner of the Documentary category: ‘Hazel dormouse monitoring’ by Nick Upton.
A gallery showcasing the brilliant winning images of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014. 
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