Tips and Techniques

Bluebells in woodland.
Wildlife photographer Ross Hoddinott shares his expert tips for photographing beautiful bluebells. 
Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 launch.
The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 competition has now started its global search for the most inspiring, evocative, compelling, challenging nature images.
Moray Firth common bottlenose dolphin feature, December 2013.
Experienced dolphin photographer Tim Stenton offers his tips for capturing the wildlife of the Moray Firth.
Photo Masterclass part 12: Break all the rules
Rules were made to be broken. So play with blur, relish clutter, crop out your subject and discover the dark. If you ignore the protocols of photography, you may just create a masterpiece, says Mark Carwardine.
Photo Masterclass part 11: Work on a project spread.
If you want to develop your creativity, try focusing on a single theme or subject. Commitment should reward you with the unusual, the abstract and the extraordinary, says Mark Carwardine.
Photo Masterclass part 10: Give it some blur
Every wildlife photographer’s portfolio should include a bit of blur. Used in the right way, blur conveys movement, pace, drama and a sense of journey, bringing still images to life, says Mark Carwardine.
Photo masterclass part 9: Look for colour
From the vivid red of a ladybird to the dazzling blue of the kingfisher, colour plays a huge part in nature photography. But it’s more complex than you might think – and getting it right makes all the difference, says Mark Carwardine.
This marbled white butterfly image helps to explain top tip 2: exposure.
Top UK wildlife photographers, Ross Hoddinott and Ben Hall, share their top tips on photographing nature. 
Photo Masterclass part 8: The art of composition
There are always new ways to present wildlife subjects. Be creative in your approach to each and every image and you’ll discover a new world of photographic potential, says wildlife photographer Mark Carwardine.
Praying mantis.
Paul Harcourt Davies and Clay Bolt share some of their top tips on how to photograph wildlife close-up.