Wildlife & Nature Photography

Caledonia dawn

Based in the Scottish Highlands, Peter Cairns has a long-held passion for the wildlife and landscapes of the Caledonian pinewood. His stunning photos capture iconic British wild species on camera.



A polar bear mother with a two-year-old cub.

Florian Schulz has been on a mission to photograph the wildlife of the far north and, in particular, polar bears – the most iconic animal of that frozen region. Over 18 months, he followed bears in north-east Canada and Svalbard, allowing him to build a unique portrait of their lives. 

Barrel cacti in the Sierra Madre ringed desert, Mexico, by Jack Dykinga

An exclusive gallery of images from some of the world’s top wildlife photographers speaking at this year’s WildPhotos photography symposium.

As the sun sets, an adult barn owl hunts over farmland blanketed by snow.

In compiling this beautiful portfolio of images of British birds and mammals, Craig Jones has composed a celebration of the variety of life on our island, ranging from silent, swooping barn owls to tiny jewel-like kingfishers, via foxes, puffins, otters and swans.

© Vincent Rillardon

In January 2011, wildlife photographer Vincent followed these stoats every day for four months, documenting their daily lives. Watch their coats change from white to brown, as they hunt, run, jump and play in these stunning shots.

Bee-eaters by Michael Warren
A celebration of the miracle of bird migration by an array of internationally renowned wildlife artists and a variety of experts - brought together in the spectacular new book There and Back?
Adolescent otter porpoising in fast-flowing river

Laurie Campbell's photographs of the river otters of the River Tweed paint a vivid and intimate portrait of the lives of these elusive mammals. 

British Birds winner: The Challenge by Katy Rewston

This year’s BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year competition attracted more than 1,000 entries from around the world. The spectacular winners, runners-up and commended pictures shown here are a magnificent display of the best art inspired by the natural world.


Photo Masterclass part 15: urban wildlife photography spread

Many photographers assume that you have to travel into the ‘wilds’ to take great pictures of wildlife. Not true! There are lots of beautiful, unusual and often poignant opportunities on your doorstep – you just need to know how to make the most of them.

Photo Masterclass part 14: Black and white photography article spread

Strip away the colour and a well-composed photograph will often increase in power. The very best black and white photos have a pure graphic quality that oozes emotion and energy. This month, learn to think creatively and take photographs of wildlife that really tell a story.

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