Wildlife & Nature Photography

'Feeding' screen print by Carry Akroyd

The SWLA seeks to generate an appreciation of, and delight in, the natural world through all forms of fine art representing the world's wildlife.



Orangutan mother and her baby in Tanjung Puting National Park

Wildlife photographer Brian W Matthews shares some of his favourite photos from his latest visit to the Orangutan Foundation in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

European Bison by Vicky White, pencil on primed panel

Enjoy the work of two of the finest contemporary wildlife artists, Gary Stinton and Vicky White, in a new exhibition called ‘Rare Beasts’.

Caracal photograph by wildlife photographer Federico Veronesi

Federico achieved his dream of photographing wild caracals, one of the most elusive animals in the African plains, when he encountered this mother and cub in the Masai Mara. 

Short-eared owl photograph by wildlife photographer David Kjaer

David shares some of his finest images from more than 30 years of wildlife photography.   

Hedging bets photograph by British photographer Phillip Thomas

This unique collection of images showcases the very best of the British Wildlife Photography Awards, a competition celebrating the breathtaking diversity of the natural history of British Isles. 

Peregrine falcon, Sagrada Família, Barcelona

Stunning new photos of the wildlife that lives all around us, but we often fail to notice.

Photo masterclass part 10: reptiles and amphibians article spread

Don’t ignore reptiles and amphibians – they can be the most rewarding photographic subjects you’ll ever encounter. You just need a bit of old-fashioned fieldwork and plenty of patience to capture a really special image.


Pied flycatcher by David Kjaer

Pro photographer David Kjaer explains how he got his best pied flycatcher shot and shares his top photography tips.

Otter image by Danny Green

Pro photographer Danny Green explains how he got his best otter shot and shares his top tips.

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