Wildlife & Nature Photography

Dawn kill by Reto Puppetti

A world exclusive sneak peek at some of this year's award-winning images.

Photo masterclass part 9: Bird portraits article spread

Birds make fabulous photographic subjects. But to get close to your subject you must concentrate on your field skills as much as your photographic ability. 

Photo masterclass part 8: animals in their environment article spread

Pulling back from your subject and revealing the world in which it lives enables you to imbue the image with tension and drama. But to make this work, here are a few simple but important lessons.


Curious king penguins, South Georgia

This year, Nick Garbutt visited Antarctica for the first time. He returned with stunning photographs of king penguins and albatrosses. 

Photo masterclass part 7: Birds in flight article spread

Now it's time for an even greater challenge - capturing moving targets. If you follow our experts’ advice on fieldcraft, good technique and equipment, you may surprise yourself.

Photo masterclass part 6: Invertebrate portraits

Many wildlife photographers simply ignore 99.9 per cent of potential subjects – invertebrates. In this masterclass, we show that small can be beautiful.

© Ross Hoddinott

Ross Hoddinott is best known for his beautiful close-up photography of invertebrates.


Brown hare by Danny Green

See the UK's wonderful wildlife through the camera lens of Danny Green, whose work is often seen in BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Kingfishers by Charlie Hamilton James article spread

Photographer Charlie Hamilton James captures the spirit and secret life of the fisher king with his stunning photographs.


Photo masterclass part 5: Underwater photography article spread

The sea is one of the most challenging places to get great photos, but don’t be put off – with our experts’ advice your efforts will be more than rewarded.  

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