Coati found in Yorkshire countryside

South American animal discovered by a man walking his dogs.


A male coati was spotted in the morning on 2 April in Abbeygate, Middlesbrough.


He was collected by a RSPCA officer and has been given temporary accommodation at a local veterinary practice.

“It was definitely one of the more bizarre collections I’ve had in my time,” said RSPCA inspector Nick Jones.

The coati has been temporarily accommodated at a local vets © RSPCA

“He wasn’t microchipped but we expected he’s escaped from nearby so we’re hoping we might be able to find his owner.”

Ring-tailed coatis are members of the raccoon family, and in the wild they can be found across South America.

The omnivores live in forests and eat a wide range of fruit and invertebrates, and even carrion when it is available.

Coatis are omnivores, eating both invertebrates and fruit © RSPCA

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