Can I stop my cat hunting?

Six ways to limit the kill rate of your domestic cat.  


Corbin the domestic cat © Liz Turner


1 Nocturnal curfew

Keeping your cat indoors at night can be a simple yet effective way of reducing the number of small mammals it kills.

2 Bells on collars

Some studies have found that bells may reduce the hunting success of pet cats. However, elastic or poorly fitted collars can cause injury to cats.

3 Neoprene bibs

Adding a neoprene bib to a cat’s collar interferes with its ability to pounce, which may mean it catches fewer birds.

4 Ultrasound alerts
There is some evidence that attaching an ultrasonic device to a cat’s collar may warn potential prey of its approach.

5 Garden design

Place birdfeeders about 2m from thick vegetation to prevent surprise attacks by cats, while giving birds an escape route.

6 Distraction toys


Allowing your cat to ‘hunt’ prey-like toys might reduce its motivation to kill, but this hasn’t been scientifically evaluated.