Dr Anjana Khatwa. © Rob Coombe

Dr Anjana Khatwa

Earth scientist

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Dr Anjana Khatwa is an award-winning Earth Scientist, presenter and advocate for diversity in natural heritage spaces. For over twenty years, Anjana has worked as a learning and engagement professional in the natural heritage sector helping people of all backgrounds connect with the landscapes around them. Anjana is a passionate storyteller, searching for hidden clues locked away in rocks, fossils and landscapes to reveal the extraordinary mysteries and stories about life on earth. Her debut non-fiction book, The Whispers of Rock, is due to be published in Autumn 2025. She is on Twitter and Instagram as @jurassicg1rl and also at anjanakhatwa.com. Anjana lives in Dorset, close to the Jurassic Coast, in a house filled with rocks and fossils.

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