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Dr Erica McAlister

Entomologist and author

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Dr Erica McAlister is Senior Curator for Flies and Fleas at the Natural History Museum, London. She has been working at the Museum for the last 15 years and has been recording, researching, and describing flies throughout this period both in the UK and across the globe. Her fieldwork has ranged from the Australian Outback to the Church Forests of Ethiopia to the Mountains of Peru. Her interests are especially tweaked by the ecological interactions that flies have with their environment but is also obsessed with their morphology and they variety of form. She has published two popular science books, The Secret Life of Flies and The Inside Out of Flies, a children's book, A Bug's World, and promotes flies through every medium she can. Erica is the Outgoing President of the Amateur Entomology Society and incoming Chair for the Dipterists Forum.

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