FAQs about the new website

What has happened to:

The online photo contests?

The online monthly photo contests are currently not in use, but they will return in the near future! 

The photo galleries? 

We know how much the photo galleries, which showcase amazing and beautiful images by photographers from around the world, are loved by our readers. We are working on this aspect of the website and hope to brink back the galleries soon. 

The Local Patch Reporters Forum? 

When we moved across to our new website, our forum didn't move with us! We are working on getting this back online. Until then, do continue to share your blog posts via social media using the hashtag: #localpatchreporters 

How do I:

Submit photos to the Your Photos competition? 

The process for submitting entries to our magazine photo competition is changing. Full details will be provided soon. 

Find articles by an author? 

Our improved search system allows you to search for an author using the search function in the main menu above. 

Find news stories?

The latest news stories will appear on the homepage under their relevant categories (e.g. a story about pangolin will appear under Animal Facts). To find news about a specific species, you can use the search function in the main menu above to find all the articles on that species. 


If you have any further queries concerning the website, please e-mail Megan Shersby