Rendered illustration of two tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs standing by a river with grass and rocks behind
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What is it about dinosaurs that’s so awesome? We can’t get enough of them – on TV and film screens, in the toy shops, even on children’s birthday cakes. In fact, the best source of dino knowledge I have is my young boy, who is no taller than a coelophysis but can pronounce and spell the longest dinosaur name there is (it’s Micropachycephalosaurus, by the way. Knock yourself out!)

With every new fossil that’s uncovered, we understand more about these phenomenal creatures and the devastating circumstances that led to their extinction. But could we bring them back – and should we?

Find out how the dinosaurs went extinct, explore the ethics of de-extinction, learn some fun facts and geek out on dinosaur film and TV trailers right here in our dedicated dino hub.

Paul McGuinness
Editor, BBC Wildlife and DiscoverWildlife.com

Editor Paul McGuinness faces down a toy dinosaur in his home