Allt-yr-Yn Local Nature Reserve

Just 1km from the city centre, this reserve has a nice mix of habitats, including streams, ancient woodland, ponds and species-rich hay meadows with plants such as meadow vetchling and devil’s-bit scabious. Good for dragonflies.


Great Traston Meadows

With some 30ha of damp grasslands this is one of the finest areas for flora in Newport. Surrounded by man-made water courses it is home to reed buntings, sedge warblers, Cetti’s warbler and the shrill carder bee.

Newport Wetlands

Close to the city, this popular reedbed area was created in the 1990s. Managed by the RSPB, its star species include breeding avocets and bearded tits (the only ones in Wales), little egrets, pylon-nesting peregrines and winter waders.

St Julian’s Park

This deciduous woodland borders the River Usk and is home to green woodpeckers, a range of fungi and butterflies including the purple hairstreak.


St Woolos Cemetery, Newport

The oldest municipal cemetery in Britain supports a wealth of wildlife, particularly pipistrelle bats living in the chapels, rare waxcap fungi and voles that bring owls in at dusk.


Sarah McPhersonFeatures editor, BBC Wildlife Magazine